MG Knives “Tyrant”

New post, with no economics nor philosophy… But a cutting edge.

I want to quickly present a new knife I’ve acquired from China. To the best of my knowledge it is an original effort from the Hong Kong based brand “MG Knives” which also produced clones (a thing with which I’m total OK -see this post for an in depth discussion-).

It is a large flipper featuring a large bellied N690 blade, razor sharp from the box, with big thick titanium frame lock handles feature a small titanium backspacer. The pocket clip is flushed mounted and features the model name. Everything but the screws and pivot is nicely stonewashed.


On the presentation side, no frills neither and the blade only feature the logo of the brand. The stonewash on the blade is very fine and well made. The grind seems generally almost convex and is very well executed, like the swedge on the forward part. It’s a moderately thick piece of metal, a N690 Austrian steel if we are to believe the maker (no reason not to, but they’re Chinese so no solid proofs that they’re being faithful).


The pivot is large and bears the inscriptions “MG Knives”, it can be adjusted with a simple torx screw. No need to touch it, the blade is well centred. Generally, the fit and finish is remarkable on this knife with all the pieces being very precisely cut, assembled, rounded, so the feeling in hand is that of a tank, a comfortable tank.


The flipper includes a hole in its tab to include an optional tritium luminescent capsule. Looks nice empty, though.


As it’s almost standard now with good quality titanium framelocks, there’s a hardened steel insert on the lock making for a very secure and “bank vault like” locking. No play whatsoever when the blade is deployed and a very smooth action on the blade (it’s mounted on ceramic ball bearings).

The first few inches of the spine of the blade sports a nice deep gimping. Aggressive but not overly so. There’s a second spot of gimping in the middle of the blade’s spine, which allows a very secure and comfortable grip when doing precise tasks.


All in all, a very nice piece, which can be purchased (for a very modest price) online from various aliexpress shops and possibly directly from MG Knives in Hong Kong.



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