A pictorial review of a Chinese clone of the Shirogorov 110

Hello World!

I don’t care much for intellectual property (the only one property that really is theft since it’s a state imposed monopoly, as discussed in this post) and I like knives. Lucky for me, I’ve recently received from China a clone of the Shirogorov model 110. It is a beast of knife, large, heavy, imposing, but also sleek and smooth.Good looking, too, I think. The name “110” comes from the length of the blade, 11cm. A beast, I said! Overall the open knife measures about 24.5cm!

shiro110 - 02

It’s my first foray into the cheaper bracket of Chinese clones, generally below $50. This particular model goes for about $40. It has steel liners (which account for a part of its heavy weight) but they have some round holes for lightness, the scales are in contoured layered G10 with too shades of brown. They look cool from the side (the sandwich is nice) and from the front with those progressive shades. Well contoured and finished, they line up perfectly with the steel liners.

shiro110 - 04

Speaking of the steel liners, they are milled and chamfered on all their interior edges like on the original titanium, which adds a luxurious feel and allow for better grip and to avoid hot spots.A great finishing detail at that price. The “gimping” visible around the pivot area is purely decorative and doesn’t help your grip in any significant way.

shiro110 - 03

The locking mechanism is an axis lock, a bit firm for the moment, but these things have a tendency to loosen up after a time, even when made with great quality materials.

Speaking of materials, the blade is supposedly made of D2 (or more likely a Chinese steel with more or less similar characteristics) and perfectly stone washed. It’s rather thick at the spine but given the size and profile of the whole thing, it is still a great slicer. Mine came hair popping sharp, one of the sharpest knives I have…

The whole fit and finish is rather impressive… for the structural part. Indeed, the knife arrived over-oiled and dirty like no one’s business. After cleaning the pivot area, it’s become rather smooth, and apparently benefits from a breaking in period as after a day of EDCing it, it’s smoothed a fair deal more. This big bad blade is mounted on caged needle bearings, not of the highest quality but they do their job. After a bit of adjustment of the tension, I even manage to thumb flick it open, despite the absence of thumb studs.

shiro110 - 01

The purchase on the blade’s groove is not super solid, but once the blade starts with a bit of wrist action to help, it’s a rocket. Despite the adjustments, the blade is still dead on centred.

shiro110 - 05

Overall a very impressive knife for the price. Had the liners and pocket clip been in titanium, it would really have been a super great EDC (yeah, I tend to EDC large knives, being a large-ish guy) that fills my hand just perfectly and is super comfortable to handle. Even with the steel parts, I’ll likely carry it often… but man, it’s weighting my pants down!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hans Lindgren says:

    Another fine review, thx
    Hans L


  2. Franz says:

    Thanks, Hans. It’s a very fine knife particularly given the price… Only thing, even for a large guy, it’s “yuge”! And therefore I never carry it for more than two consecutive days.


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