Pictorial of a happy Shirogorov f95 clones family

I love that elegant yet simple design.

I love the size of these knives (big-ish… 9.5cm blade, hence the name)

I love the amazing flipping and smooth action of ball bearings (simple or multiple rows)

I love how light the carbon “hati” is.

I love the texturing on the titanium in the “full Ti” models

I love the compactness of the “micro” version (still a “full size” knife by most standards)

Here is a pictorial ode to that design… First, presentation side


Then, lock side


Same blade shape, same handle shape… different knifes. Brothers.


Back spacers or stand off, gimping or not, but always the nicely placed chamfers, always the semi hidden lanyard hole…


Very nice sculpted pocket clips in titanium (for the big ones)


A closer look at the texturing… alluring, isn’t it?


And to conclude, a better look at those nice “bottoms”!


All four are excellent flippers, very smooth, but the one that takes the crown is the last arrived, the hati (carbon fibre presentation side). It’s got the almost hydraulic smoothness of the “seashell” (contoured full Ti scales with those diagonal lines and a backspacer) but also the almost perfect (frank but not harsh) detent of the “tortoise shell” (full Ti scales, no backspacer) and the almost un-perceivable yet haptic lock/unlock feeling of the “micro” (liner-lock with G10 scales).

I greatly enjoy them all and carry them very often. At the moment, it’s the hati that “graces my pocket”.



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  1. Konsta says:


    CF/TI Hati has a dual row bearings.. my question is: Are they ceramic or steel? How is the edge retention on the blade? D2 seems to have a variance in China 😀
    Thanks in advance


  2. Franz says:

    I don’t really know, the bearings are black and might well be ceramic… But might also be PVD of some sort. Actually a number of sellers were saying “ceramic” and other “steel”.
    So far it’s very smooth and that’s really all that matters. Now, sure, after 10 years, if I were to use only that knife (hardly credible, since I have at least 40 or 50 knives), it might change something. But for most users, hardened steel or ceramic in the bearings probably doesn’t change too many things.

    As for the steel, it came sharp, and it’s still very sharp. I haven’t really used it for anything harder than cutting some (very) dry saussage and some cardboard. Hardly a lot. Seems good enough as “D2” from China goes. At least at the “visual level”.


    1. Konsta says:

      Thanks for your insights. I ordered the cf/ti version. The 115g dual row bb with old, more functional hardware.

      If you like biggish knives I would strongly recommend to check out the Konygin T50 clone. I absolutely love it. Blue ano ti on both sides ❤ It weights 175 grams but I dont mind the weight. Sometimes it would be nice to carry a lighter knife and thats why I ordered the Hati cf/ti.

      Did I need it? GOD NO! I have plenty of knives.. but I wanted it 🙂

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  3. What is the weight of the “mini” version? Is that really 130gramm? I love that design, but the weight is too much.. I wish it would be lighter.
    I think the blade material of that knife is 9CR18MOV. (~440C)


    1. Franz says:

      The blade steel is indeed supposed to be 9Cr18Mov which is, as you say, quite similar to 440C, in my opinion a great steel all too often overlooked these days. It keeps an edge nicely while not too hard to sharpen and it’s very rust resistant (not a problem for me, I live in the mountains, the air is dry and I keep my knives well oiled, but… )

      As for the weight, I just weighted mine and it came at 126.3g. Not what you might call ultra-light given the size, but really not that bad. It’s about the same (give or take 0.1g) as my newly arrived ZT 0808 clone… Which is also very comparable in size. Both great EDCs.


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