Weapons and Killers

So here it came again, a few weeks after Paris, other people got killed, gunned down by crazy “radicals”.

But that happened in the USA where the right of people to own and bear arms is still more or less maintained. And therefore, we heard everywhere the same old narrative of “guns kill” and “we should have more gun control”. The glorious leader Barack Obama even had to nerve to say in Paris that “US has a problem, it only ever happens here… because of guns.”

Now, obviously it seems that to the media and politics, on November 13, 130 people were killed by “crazy-radical-terrorists” whereas a few days later in San Bernardino, 14 have fallen to “gun rights”, or “guns”, or “a gun culture”… Now the parallel is really interesting. Both mass murders took place in places with stringent gun restrictions (yeah, the whole of France is basically a “gun free zone” -read, normal people can’t carry guns, only law enforcement, a little, and criminals, a lot- and the Inland Regional Center of San Bernardino is also a “gun free zone, like most places where mass killings take place in the US), both were the fact of Muslims apparently killing “in the name of Allah”, both could have been way deadlier without some luck. But, man, aren’t the different in the way they are explained!

Apparently, according to what the media and the liberal elite say, tweet, scream, chant, sing, paint, write and so on, the problem in France is 1° wars with poor Muslim countries, 2° “radicalization” (whatever that could mean) and 3° terrorism. In the US, however, it’s 1° guns, 2° too many guns and 3° not enough control on guns.

Because, it’s an undisputed fact, American guns have a mind of their own, kill people of their own volition. And that’s because normal people can have them. In France (or Europe, or Obama’s dream land) guns are inert. They are simply a tool in the hands of people, who are then called terrorists or gangsters, and then, it’s not a problem that they kill people, because that’s what terrorists and gangsters do. The thing is, how on earth could you make gun control more stringent than what it is in France? By making it like Norway’s? The country where Anders Breivik killed 77 people, in no hurry, while the police was looking for their one and only gun?

I think it would be about time we recognize that guns are tools and people are responsible for what they do with them. So any responsible citizen should be able to get and carry guns, while irresponsible people (crazy people, religious extremists, politicians) should not. Given that recognizing the latter is rather difficult, everybody should be able to carry a gun, should they choose to do so. And be severely punished (lethally?) if they try to misuse them. Probably by their fellow citizens, who would then be armed, ready and not suffering fools gladly.




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