Pictorial of the Slysz Bowie Clone

SlyszBowie-01It’s been released very recently. I have received it yesterday (after it has been travelling about France for one full week) and felt like I should take some pics and give my initial thoughts on that one so that potential buyers have a better idea of what to expect (and to make salivate more those who have that in the mail and wait for it… 😉 )


First of all it’s really a great little piece. A very good EDC knife, I’d say, small and thin enough that you can carry it easily, rugged enough that you can go through tasks. The technicals are as follows:

Titanium handles, G10 backspacer, D2 blade on bronze washers. The weight is 120g officially (122.5g on my scales… but including the lanyard I’ve added). The total width (excluding the clip) is 11.3mm, total length open is 198mm, closed length is about 112mm, blade length is 87.5mm. The blade thickness is 3.4mm, and it sports a full flat grind. So, generally speaking rather light and thin, but with a decent stock to the blade. And a very solid construction to it.


Fit and finish are great. The stonewashed-polished blade surface treatment is really a pleasure to behold. The dark and “rough” stonewash of the handles is quite nice too. The pivot with its bronze washers is relatively smooth, far from free-falling back in the handle, but I guess that’s a knife that’ll really need breaking-in.


The lock-up is at about 50%, real solid and with no play at all in any direction. Centring is great, too.


As you see, the blade is crowned (rounded spine), like on a Sebenza, on its final part, after the “bowie break”. It’s well made and gives a smoothness and feel of “luxury” to the piece.


There is a bit of gimping on the blade. Not very aggressive but I like it: it grabs the thumb well without tearing its skin when used… With the gimping on the G10 backspacer and the clip that gives you a bit of tracking on an otherwise very sleek knife.

The pocket clip is very nice. Good retention but it doesn’t really grab or tear your pants when you want to take the knife out of your pocket.


Not sure the stonewash on the handle is captured well on the pics, with the sun and all, but I really love it, the rough yet very smooth look it great and suits the whole design perfectly.


The blade finish is quite interesting, being a sort of stonewashed polish or a polished stonewash (I suspect the latter)


The main problem I see with that knife (apart from the not totally smooth -yet?- pivot) is the relatively small “spidey hole” and notch to access it, making the thumb flicking deployment a bit harder than it should be.

Here’s a picture taken later and showcasing better the stonewash on both handle and blade…


Seriously, it’s a great EDC knife. A slightly more utilitarian Sebenza, with some added features, you could say.



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  1. steveknife says:

    Great looking EDC and a good review of it. I like the look of the knife and the color shows quite well. Thank you!


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