Piston Flipper, a Chinese innovative knife with a bit of CKF Sukhoi flavour

Hello World,

Here comes one new knife that I’m really excited about. Chinese, produced by “Dicoria” it seems, it borrows a bit to the CKF Sukhoi (designed by Anton Malyshev) looks but has its own very specific flavour.


We are talking about a large gentleman folder. Handle length is 12.5cm, blade length 10cm (a rather good blade to handle ratio), however, as the profile is slim and slender, the weight only is 128g. This is rather light since this knife is a titanium frame lock folder (3.9mm thick sandblasted titanium slabs on both sides, with inlaid polished carbon fibre) with a rather solid blade (3.5mm) even if it has a sort of “fillet knife” shape.


The backspacer and 3D sculpted pocket clip are both done in sandblasted titanium then anodised a deep vibrant blue. The  lockbar features a steel insert for a steel on steel locking surface and the lock is rather early (15-20%) but solid. Despite the insert there is a bit of stickiness in the lock. The interesting part of that lock is that the carbon fibre inlay plays the role of an overextension protection and the whole contraption is very similar to a “bolster lock”, looking very smart indeed. The inlay is absolutely perfect on the presentation side, but on the lock side, the part towards the tail end of the knife is protruding ever so slightly more than the part close to the pivot (or the presentation side). However, that insert is perfectly clean, bevelled, solid and all.


The pivot seems to be containing some steel somewhere as it is magnetic, yet it includes anodised surfaces that mirror the clip and backspacer. A very nice and elegant touch. We then arrive at the “piece de resistance”, that is the flipper tab. That tab is in titanium and detached from the blade. It glides (not perfectly smoothly yet, but I reckon that’ll arrive once broken in) along a rail and once the blade has been launched and opened, it falls back behind the blade, providing a sort of flat ramp with a bit of gimping. The second slight flaw of my knife is here: the alignment between blade and folded tab is not perfect and there is a friction noise when deploying that might come from that. Or not. The blade when in the open position lock the tab in place and there is no play. When the blade is closed it locks the tab in the deployed position, once again without play, and pressing on it flips the knife open. And flips it fast and smoothly, too.


Indeed, the pivot is on ball bearings and the deployment (with the exception of the friction noise that I described earlier) is super smooth. The closing is even dangerous as the blade almost freely falls back in place with gravity and there is no flipper tab that will stop on your finger. It is insanely smooth… and still the blade is perfectly centred and without any sort of play.


The blade, with its elongated shape is very elegant and very well finished. It has an horizontal satin finish on the flats and a diagonal downward satin finish on the ground part. It’s flat ground but still a good slicer. Came quite sharp out of the box. This blade is supposed to be made of s35vn but in the case of my knife bears absolutely no markings (others have a “s35vn” mention on the flat). I really love that aspect which makes the knife look very much like a custom.


Generally, with the exception of the two very minor flaws (three if you count the slight stickiness of the lock) I have detected, this knife is supremely well made and exudes an impression of impressive quality. It compares quite favourably to many a midtech I have seen and held, and one could rather easily pass it for a custom and the slight imperfections would then be perceived as the “hand made signature” ;). It is not cheap as Chinese made knives go ($139) but it is an impressive value, and it would still be great value at $250.





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  1. steveknife says:

    Looks like a very good knife, quite attractive and functional!

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  2. Jens says:

    For the most part, the knife looks well made(!) and should be well worth the price for that and the material alone. The separated flipper tab is a nice feature for techy/geekish users. Once cleaned and – if need be – (re)adjusted the pivot, it flies open and is tons of fun to play with. That said, the knife (at least mine) also has some flaws (partly due to bad design):
    # Lock bar travel is too short; lockup is on the soft side (IF the blade locks up properly, there IS some small amount of play forth and back).
    # The lock bar would not always engage far enough; thus, the blade could fall back even on light whacks (not even talking about heavy spine whacking or batoning – no chance!)
    # When the lock bar engages far enough it tends to stick.
    # Detent is rather weak; you can shake the knife open.
    # The CF scale piece on the lock bar side is only lightly tack-glued in place and comes lose easily and, thus, CANNOT properly act as overtravel stop.


    1. Franz says:

      Seems like you’ve been rather unlucky or maybe you haven’t put it back as well as it should after disassembly. Mine has none of the problems you list, and the only other guy I know who has one is like me, with a perfect lock up, no stick, no play, engaging well every time…
      The cf inserts seem well glued too…
      Which highlights the main problem of buying knives in China direct:if you have a problem you might have it solved iff you’re lucky and act immediately, in all other cases you’re had.


  3. Lars says:

    When I first saw the knife it didn’t said anything to me.
    But since a week it’s growing on me. It looks like a love child between the Sukhoi and a Mnandi. Today I was looking for buying one and I came across a recent listing witch indicates the steel as D2 steel?

    If I compare the pictures and description with Dicoria I found the following differences. Picture of the blade of Dicoria says S35VN, the other has no markings. Dicoria description: 3.5mm blade, Other: 4mm blade.
    0.5 mm is very small difference and does not suggest a different blade.
    The other seller has more details though.
    For example: all the 420 stainless steel screws hardness HRC45, all carved CNC machining

    I send Dicoria a mail but knowing them I don’t expect an answer.

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  4. Lars says:

    I can’t believe I just noticed the biggest difference.
    The flipper tab of the “D2 version” is blue anodised.
    I went ahead and ordered the older model, we’ll see if there will be a S35VN marking on the blade.


    1. Franz says:

      Interesting… where did you find that D2 version? I only could find the S35vn version when I looked…


  5. Lars says:

    Found 5 shops selling the D2 version, lowest price was $87.
    If I’m going to receive the same knife for about $40 more I’m not going to be happy. We’ll know in about 3 weeks


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