Anti-racists, Feminists, social activists, be coherent and fight the government!

It is  extraordinarily surprising that “social activists” of all sorts and all walks of life are so very often asking for the government to “step in” and “set things right”. It’s very much like sheep asking the wolf to come settle their problems.

Suppose you have a case of discrimination somewhere and you think that this is unacceptable (I hope, then that you marry randomly selected people, eat random food and watch random TV shows, and so on, else you are discriminating all the time… you know, that famous “freedom of choice”?). If that case is happening in a private business or by individuals, you can easily 1° talk to them and tell them this is bad, and if they don’t listen or listen but don’t change 2° cease to bring them your business and make sure all people you know hear of these bad practices. Unless you’re a one-of lunatic concerned with problems no-one cares about, the chances are high that soon enough their bottom line is going to be impacted. Then they either change and behave in a way more in accordance to the expectations of society or lose money and go out of business. In the mean time, competitors noticing that these issues are important to society will likely try to out-compete others by being super-exemplary.

Sounds good, no? Well, now think about the government. You see something you don’t like somewhere. Sure if you scream loudly enough an use enough media leverage, you might obtain that the government changes the law and makes it illegal that this or that is done that you don’t like. Great but then people might and businesses might continue to violate the rules unless a strict supervision is put in place (costly… ) and the problem remains with… the government itself. If it decides somewhere to hire only white males aged 50 and more (think of all those politics, top civil servants, and so on) what will you, can you do? Go to the competition? Well the very definition of the government is that there is NO competition, and that it can use violence to force you to comply. So, you don’t have any power whatsoever and have to live with all these discriminations. They might be positive at some point because the government is left-liberal leaning at some point, but them if the majority changes, then the same quotas might be changed in the other direction. Say they require at least 40% women in this or that. Who’s to say that some government won’t say, OK, using that same quota we say there should be at most 12% women?

Discrimination and differentiation based on race, age, sex and so on (personal characteristics in general) should be legal for individuals because they are a fact of life (I prefer tall athletic dark-blond women to short black men as sexual partner, that’s who I am and no one can do anything about that) and because the market is perfectly apt to regulate any abuse that could be done of that, particularly for businesses (but that works for individuals, too… loosing all your friends because you do this or that is possible and that “threat” can modify your behaviour). On the other hand, the government shouldn’t be able to treat anyone differently and be completely colour/sex/behaviour blind as long as it’s not totally detrimental to its action. The real life should be “go discriminate as much as you want, it’s of no matter since the law will be fair to all”, and the sad reality is that individuals and businesses can’t discriminate in most cases when the law itself and government even more does. In a direction that might fit the wants of the “social justice activists today but may change in the future. The more power you give to the government for what you perceive just, the more power it will have to impose on you what yo don’t like when the tide turns… So make it small, make it weak, make it very afraid.

Really, wake up! The Government is not your friend and neither are the media. What they want is power, power, power and they cannot be controlled easily.



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