Clone of the Zero Tolerance ZT 0630CF


Very quick one on this knife that I did receive quite some time ago already, and that I’m a bit ambivalent about.


It’s a folding frame lock built after the ZT0630, which is itself built after some Emerson knife (with the agreement of the marker). As the CF in the name suggests, it comes with a carbon fibre scale, or better said a carbon fibre/steel sandwich scale, and a titanium frame-lock. There is a hardened steel insert on the lock face, that also works as an over-travel preventer.


The pivot is a bolt and nut affair with the lock side a hexagonal shape to allow easy adjustment on one side only using a simple 10 gauge key. The build is quite solid, with rather thick scales, sturdy D2 blade, operating on bronze washers, and the scales have 6 points of junctions: the pivot, two stop pins (one for open one for closed), two screwed stand-offs and a lanyard pin at the very tail.


The finish is good but… And here is the cause of my ambivalence: the knife has some almost perfect features but also some defects that I had not seen in Chinese knives for quite some times. The  blade was slightly pitted. Slightly, sure, but there nonetheless. The steel part of the carbon/steel scale has rather sharp edges and when held strongly they can be cutting you a bit.The blade is not very well centred too. So, meh.



On the other hand, the blade shape is great, the wave feature very useful and practical (if you’re careful… I manage to cut myself by grabbing the knife in my pocket, not thinking of wave deployment, but it did open a bit nonetheless and my finger encountered the blade. Which happens to be extremely sharp… nicked myself good! The carbon fibre is very well made, very well finished, with rounded edges, well aligned and cleanly carved grooves. The titanium scale is perfect too, well rounded, in the right places so that it’s perfectly comfy…


Other than that, kudos to Emerson for the design, it’s smallish but fits superbly in the hand, where it is not moving and comfortable (if not for those pesky sharp edges), the blade shape and geometry are great, the thumb disc, albeit not as practical as a thumb-stud or a flipper, works very well (if you need it, because the wave is doing a great job of deploying the blade in most occasions)




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  1. I have the same model, and mine don’t share the sharp steel liner edges
    At times it seems like QA some makers/sellers still ignore it 😐
    I agree on all other parts of your review, and I appreciate the knife I got
    Take care 🙂

    (I also have a 0620CF clone – with markings pretending to be the real deal – on par with the other one)

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    1. Franz says:

      Yep, that was my thought, too… defective quality control and poor luck on my side getting a relative “lemon”. Well, it’s only a lemon compared to what it could be, because I still like it quite a bit!

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