Clone of the Spydie Native in fluted titanium


Here’s a quick and dirty… Chinese clone of the Spyerdco Native in fluted titanium.


This is a smaller knife (and thanks to the designers for the design of the blade, allowing not to “choke one” for precise tasks but simply to hold the knife in a full hand grip.


It’s a lock back, and a rather stiff one at that. So thumb flicking is not very very easy (only managed once to open it that way), particularly given the fact that the scales cover a bit of the spydie hole…


But the lock back is not finger breaking or anything negative, and the fit and finish particularly of that part is mind blowing. The back spacer and the spring / lock bar align about perfectly with the scales. You literally can’t feel the separation between them.


The blade was razor sharp out of the box and given its size (meaning this knife will likely never see any task harder than opening an small package or cutting salami) I expect I’ll remain very sharp for long. Now, I have no clue of the steel used in the blade. It says “s35vn” but in all honesty that sound too good to be true, particularly given what the price tag (well below $100) already gets you.


If I were to criticise anything on that knife (outside of the relatively hard lock-back) it would be that the inside edges of the spydie-hole are rather sharp. But again, you won’t be using it to flick open the blade so that’s almost a non issue. Ah, and it was rather dirty (inside) when I got it.


So great little piece of pocket jewellery that happens to cut like hell. What’s not to like for an EDC?



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  1. steveknife says:

    As long as it cuts!

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    1. Franz says:

      And cutting it does. And very well at that… as long as your talking something small, given the cutting edge size!

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  2. ProblematicAcanthus says:

    This sounds very nice!

    I do want to ask, though, if the stiff action has softened — or at any rate whether it can be thumbed open. (I don’t much care if it’s slow to open, but if it couldn’t be opened one-handed at all I might make a different choice.)


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    1. Franz says:

      It can be opened one handed, no problem (well the spydiehole edges could hurt a bit your thumb if you do that repeatedly) just not flicked open with the thumb. So it is practical, but not a fun rapid-deployment tactical blade, that’s all.


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