Kershaw Blur in dark blue and black washed S30V (Massdrop exclusive)

Some quick pics of that very nice EDC piece. The assisted opening (Speedsafe) is nice, even if I generally prefer the good’ole flip or flick method. Only problem, the thumb studs are very aggressive and there is a minimal amount of lock stick sometimes. You could also argue that the gripping material on the handles make it a bit hard to pocket. But overall, it’s a very nice blade, very nice handles and a very idiosyncratic but nice look.


Here, I included in the picture one of my watches, a Borealis Sea-Dragon, which dial is silvery white with dark blue accents. I wear it on a deep blue perlon strap, almost the same colour as the handles of the Blur, nice coincidence!


So nothing clone, or Chinese (it’s a Made in the USA Kershaw) but still, Freedom!


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  1. steveknife says:

    Great looking knife and love the color! 💙


  2. steveknife says:

    Great Review and love the color! 💙🆒‼️


  3. Franz says:

    Yeah, the colour, or colour combination, is what really sold me on that one. That and the blade steel! Very sweet package.

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  4. The black washed blade & blue/black handle looks great !
    I got a Blur all black handle & stonewashed S30V blade
    This knife is awesome, and a very useful EDCer
    I just avoid the TWACK opening sound in my daily office work 😉

    Congrats to a great knife!


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