Tough Boy, a RAD Cleaver clone that chops!

Now, that’s a “so-ugly-it’s-beautiful” type of knife.


It’s large, heavy, mean looking, cuts well, fills your hands (even when rather large like mine) in a very satisfying way.


The whole package is also very well put together and exudes and sort of rugged quality that at some level could remind one of a Land Rover Defender. Another lovable ugly beast.


The blade is a thick slab of D2, stonewashed on my model (a very nice mirror polished turned stonewash, but you can get satin, too). The handle, two thick slabs of titanium (they provide a nice 3M magnet in the package for you to test the a-magnetic properties of it) with a back spacer that also sort of plays skull-crusher/grip helper.


The action is very smooth after a short while, with a quite satisfying detent, allowing for a solid flip and a gravity falling blade (the flipper tab allows, if you’re using “normal” position, to avoid chopping your fingers), finishing with a solid “clunk” when the detent finally grabs it and locks it back in place.


That comes in part from the fact that the blade is on a ball bearing thick pivot that (like almost all screws on the knife, safe for those of the clip and that of the lock interface) is a simple slot screw, that you can tighten or open with almost anything, from a proper screw driver to a coke can tab or the blade of another knife!


Speaking of the lock interface, even if that doesn’t show from the outside, a hardened piece of steel finishes the lock bar (and also plays the “over-travel preventer” role) that is screwed from the inside to the lock bar. Nice detail, here.


The pocket clip is a rather sturdy, yet refined (again!) affair, 3D sculpted and offering good retention yet easy manipulation.


Overall, a knife that you might not carry every day, that might scare some people but that feels good on all levels and that I’m very happy to have added to my collection!


Freedom !!


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  1. Drew says:

    Nice review. Are you willing to share where you picked this up at? I’ve found a few, but don’t have the courage to pay a significant amount to a site i”m unfamiliar with. Thanks


    1. Franz says:

      Yes, I got it from AliExpress, and more specifically from here. If you’ve never purchased anything from AliExpress, it’s very safe, they have an escrow system for the payment, you pay the site, the seller gets the monies only after you’ve received the goods and said you were OK with them.


  2. Drew says:

    Thanks for replying. I’ll check it.


  3. Some big piece of metal 🙂

    Samier version:

    2x in price = me looking at other options

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    1. Franz says:

      That Samier version is even larger than the one I have. Given that my “normal” one is already rather large, I’d guess that their version would end up being almost totally impractical due to the weight, bulk and handle length.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. my normal limit is at less than 200mm, 200g, & 200€

    the Samier one is not for me, the one you got is still impressive


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