Sanrenmu Land 9046, the workman’s blade.


Just a quick one on a cheap yet very interesting blade that I’ve recently purchased (and received quite fast). This Land 9046 has one of the most interesting blade grind I’ve every seen.

Totally asymmetrical, with some chisel, some razel, some scandi… tanto-ish but not so much. Includes a glass breaker at the bottom, a wire/belt cutter on the back (liner locking, too), an added locking mechanism and a port for bolts on the side.

Thick G10 scales on thick steel liners (a tiny bit skeletonised) this is a thick heavy knife you know you carry. But not too big nor too heavy. And really that blade IS interesting (and sharp out of the box on all its cutting surfaces).

When closed, the blade end (close to the pivot) makes a beer bottle opener, too. And the

OK, to the photos… Land9046---06Land9046---05Land9046---04Land9046---08Land9046---07Land9046---03Land9046---02


All in all, a very pleasant tool to carry around when on holidays or working in the house… Will come in handy a number of times, and then you’ll enjoy your beer, that you’ve opened with your knife!




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