A Chinese clone of the Zieba G2 skyline: Front flipping goodness in a slim gentleman’s folder


Hi world.
That’s an old one, in my collection since last summer, but that I’ve never reviewed. And as it’s a bit of an odd one, too, that did make sense. But as AE now releases a cheaper G10/D2 version, I guessed it was about time I did a quick pictorial.

G2 skyline---01

G2 skyline---02

Enters the titanium handles / ZDP-189 blade Chinese clone of the semi-custom “G2 Skyline” from Michael Zieba. It’s a very streamlined, thin in all dimensions, frame lock folder. The scales are in titanium anodised bronze/gold and blackened or better put, blackwashed, making for a very interesting “old bronze” look. They are 3D contoured and the rounded parts show a series of thin lines, the flatter central part (on the presentation side) shows a skyline (hence the name).

G2 skyline---03

The construction is very simple with the two scales being only connected by the pivot and a standoff at the heel, which also serves at the attachment of the pocket clip (3D machined titanium, with a very simple shape that matches that of the body).

G2 skyline---05

G2 skyline---04

The frame lock is also very “small” thin, unobtrusive and mixing well with the general design, but includes the hardened steel interface, that prevents the wear of the titanium surface against the blade, the lock-stick that plagues a number of titanium frame lock knives… and serves via a small inner tab, as an anti-over-travel mechanism.

G2 skyline---08

The blade is thin, in all dimensions, with a very usable shape, and totally hides in the scales when closed. It deploys via a front flipper, a feature not too often found in folding knives but that allows a very pure look when the knife is closed and a fast deployment (after a little time getting used to that system). This front flipper is very well executed, the detent just right (needs to be strong enough for flipping decisively, but weak enough that you can flip despite the limited leverage given by the front flipper).

G2 skyline---07

G2 skyline---06

That blade is on ball bearings, and very smooth and fluid, well centred, too. This whole package defines a very stylish and usable gentleman’s folder that incorporates some practical and interesting elements from the recent advances in “tactical folder”.

G2 skyline---09

G2 skyline---10

So great knife for EDC, particularly in that (dearer, but…)  titanium+ZDP-189 version.




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